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  • Sting's cameo in Radio On - filmed in CHippenham, where Eddie Cochran died - must have been in the first days of January (Old Grey Whistle Test interview in October 1979) as the rest of the month was blocked by Schoener events
  • Sting and Frances Tomelty do handclaps for XTC - according to Dave Gregory PROBABLY in July 1979 at Wessex Studios (maybe at Utopia) - XTC started their Australian tour on July 20, so they had to fly there on the 19th or earlier - which leaves less than three weeks for this.
  • probably early July 1979 - Stewart and Lynn Goldsmith on the Elstree set of "The Empire Strikes Back": "Yes I do remember it. The huge sound stages were pitch dark inside so the only light we had was her flash. There’s a shot of KK running through an ice cave that was on one of the record covers. This shot was from the alleys between the hangars – and I still blanch every time I see that logo."
  • Andy Summers went to a pre-Christmas party for "Blondie" at London's Notre Dame Hall - among the other guests were Dave Vanian, Siouxsie Sioux, Steve Jones, Paul Cook, Lemmy... - among the three bands performing that day were "The Beat". (Record Mirror, Jan. 5, 1980)
  • Smash Hits - Feb 7 1980 - David Hepworth visits Sting at his West London basement (photos probably there by Jill Furmanovsky with "dragon" coat) "the band have just finished ... British tour" --- Sting's got an hour before he's due at the local police station to reclaim his stolen car. David Hepworth called Stewart the day after.

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