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The administrators of the PoliceWiki would like to say thank you to all who donated generously to our 2014 fundraising campaign. Thanks to the support of these wonderful fans, we were able to successfully complete upgrades to the site, transition to our new domain, and make sure that the wiki could stay running for many years to come.

Every donation was most appreciated and we'd like to acknowledge all who contributed:

  • Chris Atkins
  • Conroy Jett
  • Dave Dickens
  • Deb Wunder - otherdeb.net
  • Jean Wilson
  • Jeff Evans
  • Kathy Lubbers
  • Michael Dick
  • Miquel Martínez
  • Myrna Petrie
  • Nicholas Perry
  • Nuno Leite
  • Olivier Culli - No Drum No Moog
  • Raphael Ferreiro
  • Roby Next To You
  • Rodrigo Delaveau
  • Sonia Jimenez

...and also those who chose to remain anonymous. Thank you, all! --Sockii (talk) 11:20, 10 January 2015 (PST)