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1979 04 23 Bataclan poster.jpg
a poster for this concert
1979 04 23 Bataclan ad.jpg
an ad for this concert in BEST - May 1979
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1978-1979 Outlandos d'Amour Tour
Venue: Bataclan
Location: Paris, France
Support acts: Edith Nylon
Ticket prices: 30 Francs

On 1979-04-23, The Police performed at Bataclan in Paris, France.


Recording information

There's a recording of this concert.


A ticket shows that this concert was originally planned to take place on the next day. The original date is erased and the correct date is stamped on the ticket.

Support act Edith Nylon played their first ever public gig with The Police (they had a record deal with CBS who distributed The Police's records in France). The band arrived in the afternoon when Stewart Copeland was practising his drums; then The Police did a quick soundcheck.

Edith Nylon's drummer Albert Tauby asked Stewart if his drumkit could be moved. For practical reasons Stewart allowed him to use his TAMA drums (except for Albert's snare and bass drum pedal), but told him not to move the toms and cymbals.

The concert was sold out with about 1500 people in the audience.

There was an after show dinner at the Hilton Hotel at 18 Avenue de Suffren (which is now the Pullman Hotel - close to the Eiffel Tower) and the support act was also invited.

The Police were well encircled by people of the record company and journalists.

Albert Tauby: "There was a feeling that The Police will become huge. I was the only person in my band to chat with one of them, and it was very nice and cool. The guys were friendly and not condescending at all, and even if we didn't exchange that much, we could feel their kindness."

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sources: ads and reviews in Dutch and French magazines, Stewart Copeland's diary, Albert Tauby (Edith Nylon drummer)

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