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an ad for this concert (edited)
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1978-1979 Outlandos d'Amour Tour
Venue: My Father's Place
Location: Roslyn, NY, USA
Support acts: SUPPORT ACTS
Ticket prices: TICKET PRICES

On 1979-03-29, The Police performed at My Father's Place in Roslyn, NY, USA.


Recording information

There's a recording of this concert - minus the encore only mentioned in a review.


Stewart Copeland:

"...one day when we were on the road, we got a call saying, "OK guys, the money has dropped, you are now rich." We happened to be in New York City that day, so we went straight down to Manny's Music and bought everything in the store: amplifiers, guitars, Taurus pedals, Roland Space Echoes, every darn thing. Sting and I both got two Stratocasters, one next to the other, and both of us still use them - 40 years later I'm still playing it.

The gig that day was out in Long Island at My Father's Place, and that was the soundcheck from hell because we were plugging in and playing with all our new gear.

I had the Space Echo. We had heard dub, but it never occurred to us that we could actually try it live, so I put an echo on the snare, on the microphone, put it through my Space Echo and I got this "dak, da-dak, da-dak, dakida, dakida, dakida," and you could build up rhythms there. In fact, I discovered that with a dotted 8th note delay, if you go "dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun," the result is "dakida, dakida, dakida, dakida," and each repeat is not a repeat of the immediate note preceding it, it's a repeat of the note before that, which gives it this interesting kind of wobbling rhythmic effect. I was doing that on the drums, and Andy was doing that on the guitar, and we figured that out."

(In this 2019 quote Stewart probably mixes up several shopping sprees, as Sting already had his Stratocaster earlier, as he composed Message In A Bottle on it. Sting's Moog Taurus is also already mentioned on 1979-03-20.)

A review mentions an "early show", suggesting that The Police played two sets."

The Police would play here again on 1979-10-02.

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diary, ad, review, The Police: A Visual Documentary by Miles, Carl Wiser interview with Stewart Copeland

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