1979-05-31 (The Police)

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a ticket for this concert
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a backstage pass with autographs - provided by Toni Carbó
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reviews of this concert in Superpop & NME - June 9, 1979
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1978-1979 Outlandos d'Amour Tour
Venue: Apollo Theatre
Location: Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Support acts: The Cramps, Bobby Henry
Ticket prices: UK pounds: 2,00 - 2,50

On 1979-05-31, The Police performed at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.


Among the songs played were:

Recording information

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The concert was (almost) sold out (2,600 capacity). Stewart's diary mentions "sold out" with 3.300 people attending...

The Police were staying at the Glasgow Pond Hotel in Anniesland. On their way back from the venue to the hotel they forgot to take Stewart Copeland with them.

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apollo website with Police tickets and more...


sources: ticket; UK ads; reviews in Superpop - June 2, 1979; review in NME - June 9, 1979; Stewart Copeland's diary; Robert Lamb's diary; Graham Kellas and Ken Randall (Stewart story)

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