1979-1980 Reggatta de Blanc Tour

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Between 1979-08-17 - 1980-04-28, The Police took part in the 1979-1980 Reggatta de Blanc Tour.


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Tour personnel

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Touring musicians and bandmembers

Road crew and technicians

Scott was a last minute replacement for famous roadie Dave Harvey ("Doive") who left the group right at the start of the January 1980 US tour (maybe even before the first concert).

Jeff Seitz: "I picked up Dave and the equipment at JFK. Drove him to the Iroqouis Hotel in Manhattan and the next day he told Kim Turner "oim leevin the groop" He flew home that day. Dano called up his friend Scott Giaquinto to be guitar tech for the two week US tour. "

Production crew

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Support act(s)

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Summary of tour dates

Date Venue Location
1979 European summer/autumn leg
1979-08-17 Podium in de Dell Bilzen, Belgium
1979-08-24 Thames-side Arena (Reading Festival) Reading, England, UK
1979-09-01 Markthalle Hamburg, Germany
1979-09-03 Schwabinger Bräu Munich, Germany
1979-09-04 Wartburg Wiesbaden, Germany
1979-09-07 Sporthal de Vliegermolen Voorburg, The Netherlands
1979-09-10 Assembly Rooms Derby, England, UK
1979-09-11 King George's Hall Blackburn, England, UK
1979-09-13 Odeon Birmingham, England, UK
1979-09-14 Gaumont Theatre Southampton, England, UK
1979-09-15 New Theatre Oxford, England, UK
1979-09-16 De Montfort Hall Leicester, England, UK
1979-09-18 Top Rank Swansea, England, UK
1979-09-19 Top Rank Cardiff, Wales, UK
1979-09-21 Dome Brighton, England, UK
1979-09-22 Hammersmith Odeon London, England, UK
1979-09-23 Hammersmith Odeon London, England, UK
1979 North American autumn leg
1979-09-27 Hotel Diplomat New York, NY, USA
1979-09-28 Hotel Diplomat New York, NY, USA
1979-09-29 Hotel Diplomat New York, NY, USA
1979-09-30 Walsh Hall Providence, RI, USA
1979-10-02 My Father's Place Roslyn, NY, USA
1979-10-03 Hullabaloo Rensselaer, NY, USA
1979-10-04 Stage West Hartford, CT, USA
1979-10-05 Capitol Theatre Passaic, NJ, USA
1979-10-06 Alexander's Browns Mills, NJ, USA
1979-10-08 Ontario Theater Washington, DC, USA
1979-10-09 Rogues' Gallery Virginia Beach, VA, USA
1979-10-11 Russell House Ballroom Columbia, SC, USA
1979-10-12 Agora Ballroom Atlanta, GA, USA
1979-10-14 Bama Theatre Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
1979-10-15 Exit / In Nashville, TN, USA
1979-10-17 Ban Johnson's Fieldhouse Marietta, OH, USA
1979-10-18 Galaxy 2000 South Charleston, WV, USA
1979-10-19 Davidson College Davidson, NC, USA
1979-10-26 Gusman Hall Miami, FL, USA
1979-10-27 Tomorrowland Terrace Orlando, FL, USA
1979-10-28 Tomorrowland Terrace Orlando, FL, USA
1979-10-31 Municipal Auditorium Austin, TX, USA
1979-11-01 The Palace Houston, TX, USA
1979-11-02 Palladium Dallas, TX, USA
1979-11-03 Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK, USA
1979-11-04 Opry House Lawrence, KS, USA
1979-11-06 Holmes Center Ballroom De Kalb, IL, USA
1979-11-07 The Longhorn Minneapolis, MN, USA
1979-11-08 Palms Milwaukee, WI, USA
1979-11-09 Riviera Chicago, IL, USA
1979-11-10 Bookie's Club 870 Detroit, MI, USA
1979-11-11 Agora Youngstown, OH, USA
1979-11-13 Stanley Theatre Pittsburgh, PA, USA
1979-11-14 Uncle Sam's Buffalo, NY, USA
1979-11-16 Music Hall Theatre Toronto, ON, Canada
1979-11-17 Théâtre St. Denis Montreal, QC, Canada
1979-11-19 FCI Terminal Island San Pedro, CA, USA
1979-11-20 San Diego Civic Theatre San Diego, CA, USA
1979-11-21 Ben H. Lewis Hall Riverside, CA, USA
1979-11-22 Hollywood Palladium Hollywood, CA, USA
1979-11-24 Warfield Theatre San Francisco, CA, USA
1979-11-27 Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA, USA
1979-11-29 Palladium New York, NY, USA
1979-11-30 Cornell University Ithaca, NY, USA
1979-12-01 Tower Theater Upper Darby, PA, USA
1979/1980 European winter leg
1979-12-03 Théâtre de l'Empire Paris, France
1979-12-04 Eurogress Aachen (Aix-en-Chapelle), Germany
1979-12-05 Aladin Bremen, Germany
1979-12-07 Philipshalle Düsseldorf, Germany
1979-12-10 Queens Hall Leeds, England, UK
1979-12-11 Deeside Leisure Centre Chester, England, UK
1979-12-12 Apollo Theatre Glasgow, Scotland, UK
1979-12-13 Royal Spa Bridlington, England UK
1979-12-15 Odeon Birmingham, England, UK
1979-12-16 Gaumont Theatre Southampton, England, UK
1979-12-17 Brighton Centre Brighton, England, UK
1979-12-18 Hammersmith Odeon and Hammersmith Palais London, England, UK
1979-12-19 Rainbow Theatre London, England, UK
1979-12-20 Granby Halls Leicester, England, UK
1979-12-22 Lewisham Odeon London, England, UK
1980-01-11 Markthalle Hamburg, Germany
1980 North American winter leg
1980-01-20 Clark's Gym Buffalo, NY, USA
1980-01-21 Agora Cleveland, OH, USA
1980-01-22 Michigan Theater Ann Arbor, MI, USA
1980-01-24 Stages Granite City, IL, USA
1980-01-25 High Rollers Memphis, TN, USA
1980-01-26 Warehouse New Orleans, LA, USA
1980-01-28 (cancelled) Boomer Theatre Norman, OK, USA
1980-01-30 Rainbow Music Hall Denver, CO, USA
1980-01-31 Terrace Ballroom Salt Lake City, UT, USA
1980-02-01 The Showbox Seattle, WA, USA
1980-02-02 PNE Garden Auditorium Vancouver, BC, Canada
1980-02-03 PNE Garden Auditorium Vancouver, BC Canada
1980-02-05 (cancelled) Paramount Theatre Portland, OR, USA
1980-02-06 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert Los Angeles, CA, USA
1980-02-08 Campus Center Ballroom Honolulu, HI, USA
1980-02-14 Nakano Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo, Japan
1980-02-15 Nakano Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo, Japan
1980-02-17 Shibuya Kokaido Tokyo, Japan
1980-02-18 Aichi-ken Kinro Kaikan Nagoya, Japan
1980-02-19 Festival Hall Osaka, Japan
1980-02-20 Seibu Kodo Kyoto, Japan
1980-02-26 Today's World Disco Hong Kong, China
1980-02-27 Today's World Disco Hong Kong, China
1980-02-29 Christchurch Town Hall Christchurch, New Zealand
1980-03-01 (cancelled) Auckland Town Hall Auckland, New Zealand
1980-03-02 (cancelled) Wellington Town Hall Wellington, New Zealand
1980-03-04 (cancelled) Auckland Town Hall Auckland, New Zealand
1980-03-06 (cancelled) Capitol Theatre Sydney, Australia
1980-03-07 (cancelled) Capitol Theatre Sydney, Australia
1980-03-08 (cancelled) Capitol Theatre Sydney, Australia
1980-03-09 (cancelled) Capitol Theatre Sydney, Australia
1980-03-11 (cancelled) Festival Hall Brisbane, Australia
1980-03-12 Hordern Pavilion Sydney, Australia
1980-03-13 Bruce Stadium Canberra, Australia
1980-03-14 Festival Hall Melbourne, Australia
1980-03-15 Festival Hall Melbourne, Australia
1980-03-17 Apollo Stadium Richmond (Adelaide), Australia
1980-03-19 Entertainment Centre Perth, Australia
1980-03-21 Hordern Pavilion Sydney, Australia
1980-03-22 Hordern Pavilion Sydney, Australia
1980-03-23 Hordern Pavilion Sydney, Australia
1980-03-26 Rang Bhavan Mumbai (Bombay), India
1980-03-28 American University Cairo, Egypt
1980-03-30 Sporting Hall Athens, Greece
1980-03-31 (cancelled) Sporting Hall Athens, Greece
1980-04-02 Palalido Milan, Italy
1980-04-03 Palasport Reggio Emilia, Italy
1980-04-04 Palasport Torino, Italy
1980-04-06 Deutschlandhalle Berlin, Germany
1980-04-08 Palais des Sports Lyon, France
1980-04-11 Nuevo Pabellón Club Juventud de Badalona Badalona, Catalunya, Spain
1980-04-14 Palais des Sports Paris, France
1980-04-15 Forest National Brussels, Belgium
1980-04-16 Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands
1980-04-17 Jaap Edenhal Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1980-04-19 Eilenriedehalle Hannover, Germany
1980-04-28 City Hall Newcastle, England, UK

Quotations and trivia

In his book Wild Thing Ian Copeland mentions that he booked The Police for three shows at the China Sports and Cultural Center in Taipei, Taiwan. These shows were cancelled due to Sting's throat infection. There's no place in the concert timeline for these shows, but it looks like the booking process was always a work in progress...

The Kit Kat Club in Bangkok and another club in Singapore were considered for concerts as well - probably for 1980-03-22 and 1980-03-23 respectively. These concerts were not played, probably because the rescheduled Australian dates were considered more important.

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Tour passes

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Tour books / programs

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