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a flyer for this concert
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Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1979-1980 Reggatta de Blanc Tour
Venue: Music Hall Theatre
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Support acts: Wazmo Nariz, The News, Leroy Sibbles
Ticket prices: C$ 7,70

On 1979-11-16, The Police performed at the Danforth Music Hall Theatre in Toronto, ON, Canada.


Recording information

There's an audio recording of one concert.


  • The flyer announces two gigs at 7:30pm and 11pm. According to local promoter Gary Topp there were altogether about 1200 people attending The Police's two shows.
  • Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance were in the audience for one show.
  • There's a possibility that there were separate support acts for the two shows. Leroy Sibbles was a support act for the 2nd show.

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The otherwise useless book Old Wave, Cold Wave, New Wave, Dark Wave features a nice Peter Noble photo from today on its cover.

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sources: ticket, flyer, photos, review, Gary Topp, Shades - March / April 1980, Jim Vallance homepage, Jeff Boynton (from Wazmo Nariz)

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