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1979 08 24 photo.jpg
a photo from this concert - copyright Alan Perry
1979 08 24 ticket.jpg
a ticket for this concert - provided by Wombat0121
1979 08 reading button.jpg
a button from this festival
1979 08 reading wristband Dietmar.jpg
a wristband from this festival
1979 reading tourprogram.jpg 1979 reading tourprogram 2.jpg
two festival programs
1979 08 reading flyer 1 Dietmar.jpg 1979 08 reading flyer 2 Dietmar.jpg
a flyer for this festival
1979 reading ad.jpg
an ad for this concert in Sounds - June 28, 1979
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1979-1980 Reggatta de Blanc Tour
Venue: Thames-side Arena (Reading Festival)
Location: Reading, England, UK
Support acts: Bite The Pillow, Jags, Punishment Of Luxury, Motörhead, Doll By Doll, The Cure, Wilko Johnson, The Tourists
Ticket prices: 10,95 UK pounds (for the weekend)

On 1979-08-24, The Police performed at the Thames-side Arena (Reading Festival) in Reading, England, UK.


Recording information

There's a recording of this concert. The concert was also filmed by A&M personnel from the side of the stage - there's an A&M Record U-Matic Master Tape.


The Police were the headliner of the festival's first day - which about 21.000 people attended.

See also

Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out shows some footage from this concert. Sting is wearing a parka. The Police Released shows a few photos on pages 11, 18/19, 22/23, 28, 46, 73, 93...

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Reading website

more Alan Perry photos - you can order prints


sources: UK reviews, photos, ticket, Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out, Stewart Copeland's diary, personal information (video)

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