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Don Kirshner's Rock Concert
a screenshot from the show
a stage pass for this TV show - provided by Jeff Seitz
Basic information
Appearance by: The Police
Executive producer: PRODUCER
Original network: ORIGINAL NETWORK
Appearance date(s): 1980-02-06
Runtime: XX minutes
Country: USA
Language: English
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The show was recorded at the Aquarius Theater in Los Angeles. Jeff Seitz was new to the crew and he remembers that this happened between playing in Portland and Hawaii. As The Police flew to Hawaii on 1980-02-07 this leaves only today for this event - and possibly Sting's screen test for a Coppola movie. He also did a phone interview from A&M offices in Los Angeles for 1980-02-22 Roadrunner magazine.

Parts of The Police's concert were broadcast on May 17, 1980 - out of order:

Release history

An official DVD release is currently in development

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source: Jeff Seitz; Melody Maker - February 23, 1980; internet (venue); 1980-02-22 Roadrunner

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