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1980 04 28 rikwaltonphoto.jpg
a photo from this day - copyright Rik Walton
1980 04 28 show1 ticket.jpg
a ticket for the 1st concert
1980 04 28 ticket.jpg
a ticket for the 2nd concert
1980 05 03 Record Mirror review.png 1980 05 03 Sounds review.png
reviews for this concert in Record Mirror (May 3, 1980) and Sounds (May 10, 1980)
1980 06 14 NME review.png
a review for this concert in NME (June 14, 1980)
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1979-1980 Reggatta de Blanc Tour
Venue: City Hall
Location: Newcastle, England, UK
Support acts: SUPPORT ACTS
Ticket prices: UK pounds: 3,50

On 1980-04-28, The Police performed two sets at the City Hall in Newcastle, England, UK.


Recording information

There's a recording of the 2nd set. This second show was broadcast on 1980-05-05 and repeated on 1980-05-31 as "BBC In Concert".


The Police played two charity shows today - for the "Northumberland Association of Boys Clubs". Earlier that day Sting did an interview for local TV.

The Police played their first set around 6:15pm and the second set around 9:15pm.

There were about 2.150 people in the audience for each show - sold out.

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sources: tickets; Record Mirror - May 3, 1980 review (& other magazines); POLICE FILE no.3; Rogier van der Gugten (audience number / broadcast dates)

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