1977 Cherry Vanilla Tour

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Between 1977-03-01 - 1977-05-13, The Police took part in the 1977 Cherry Vanilla Tour.


For their very first concerts The Police supported Cherry Vanilla. As Cherry only had brought a guitar player and a keyboarder from the States Stewart Copeland and Sting would also play another set each day as part of the Cherry Vanilla band.

Tour personnel

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Touring musicians and bandmembers

The Cherry Vanilla band:

Road crew and technicians

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Production crew

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Support act(s)

The Police


Cherry Vanilla was supposed to perform on the "European" tour (Holland + Paris) in March 1977. But as she was in hospital at that time The Police went without her, supporting Wayne County instead.

For the concert at the Roundhouse on 1977-04-17 the Cherry Vanilla band (incl. Sting and Stewart Copeland) supported The Stranglers and The Jam. The Police did not play here.

Summary of tour dates

Date Venue Location
1977-03-01 Alexander's Newport, Wales, UK
1977-03-03 The Roxy Club London, England, UK
1977-03-04 Nag's Head High Wycombe, England, UK
1977-03-06 The Nashville Room London, England, UK
1977-03-09 Lion Hotel Warrington, England, UK
1977-03-10 Eric's Liverpool, England, UK
1977-03-11 Birmingham University Birmingham, England, UK
1977-03-12 Rock Garden Middlesborough, England, UK
1977-03-13 (cancelled) Leeds Polytechnic Leeds, England, UK
1977-03-15 Dingwall's London, England, UK
1977-03-16 (cancelled) West Runton Pavilion West Runton (near Cromer), England, UK
1977-03-17 (cancelled) Chancellor Hall Chelmsford, England, UK
1977-04-03 The Nashville Room London, England, UK
1977-04-05 Barbarella's Birmingham, England, UK
1977-04-06 Woods Centre Plymouth, England, UK
1977-04-07 The Garden Penzance, England, UK
1977-04-09 Tow Bar Inn Nethertown, England, UK
1977-04-11 Top Of The World Stafford, England, UK
1977-04-12 (cancelled) Tiffany's Shrewsbury, England, UK
1977-04-15 (cancelled) Lafayette Wolverhampton, England, UK
1977-04-17 Roundhouse London, England, UK
1977-04-18 (cancelled) Rascal's Club Chester, England, UK
1977-04-19 (cancelled) The Oaks Chorlton, England, UK
1977-04-22 (cancelled) Penthouse Scarborough, England, UK
1977-04-23 (cancelled) Rock Garden Middlesborough, England, UK
1977-04-24 (cancelled) Maxims Barrow-in-Furness, England, UK
1977-04-27 Affair Swindon, England, UK
1977-04-28 Rebecca's Birmingham, England, UK
1977-04-29 Apollo Theatre Glasgow, Scotland, UK
1977-04-30 JB's Club Dudley, England, UK
1977-05-02 (cancelled) The Roxy Club London, England, UK
1977-05-04 Lafayette Wolverhampton, England, UK
1977-05-06 Newcastle Polytechnic Newcastle, England, UK
1977-05-07 Howard Mallet Club Cambridge, England, UK
1977-05-12 Gibus Paris, France
1977-05-13 Gibus Paris, France

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