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1977 05 12 and 13 flyer.jpg
a flyer for this concert
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an ad for this concert
Performance summary
Artist performing: Cherry Vanilla
Tour: 1977 Cherry Vanilla Tour
Venue: Gibus
Location: Paris, France
Support acts: The Police
Ticket prices: TICKET PRICES

On 1977-05-12, The Police performed at Gibus in Paris, France.


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Recording information

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At 10:30am The Police take a train to Paris at Victoria Station. They arrive in Paris at 06:00pm and stay at the Hotel Belfort. Stewart breaks a pedal during the two sets they play.

The Police also played here on 1977-05-13.

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sources: French ad, flyer, Alain Pacadis' book "Un Jeune Homme Chic" mentions the (wrong) dates 1977-05-11 and 1977-05-12 for these concerts, Henry Padovani, Stewart Copeland's diaries, photo

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