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The Police meet at Sting's place / Cherry Vanilla & band arrive in London
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Date: 1977-02-16
Location: London, England, UK
Attendees: The Police

Stewart Copeland talks to the Evening Standard on the phone. He meets with his agent at High Street Kensington, then The Police meet at Sting's place. Stewart finishes the day watching TV at home.

Cherry Vanilla, Zecca Esquibel and Louie Lepore arrived in London today. They were picked up at the airport by Max Rippough and Leee Black Childers in a Daimler limousine.

They were taken to a low rent hotel where they dropped off their luggage, then went off to The Roxy Club to see the Vibrators and other bands.

Louie Lepore:

"What I remember upon arriving at the Roxy, is that it was a way different “scene” than back in NY. The crowd were dressed in crazy clothes, jumping up and down to the music (it was called pogoing), spitting as they danced, and basically just having a blast in their way! The one thing that stood out to me that night, was the DJ was spinning all sorts of music, and at one point played a song by Moby Grape, one of my favorite West Coast American bands from the 1960’s! I thought to myself, this is interesting!"

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sources: Stewart Copeland, Louie Lepore, UK magazine

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