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Location: London, England - 36 Causton Street in Pimlico


"A+R" is the name of a rehearsal studio Stewart Copeland mentions in his diaries. This can only have been "A+R Management" at 36 Causton Street in Pimlico, run by Iranian Alex Riahi. In One Train Later Andy Summers mentions that Alex wanted to manage The Police. They denied to sign anything (he offered to give them 60 pounds a week, but the band would have to give him the publishing rights). So The Police rehearsed at A+R for a while with Alex failing to get them any concerts at all.

The Police checked out the rehearsal space on 1977-09-05, while they were still rehearsing at Manno's. They agreed to use the facilities on 1977-09-14. It was last mentioned in Stewart's diaries on 1977-12-12.

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The following Police, Sting, Andy Summers or Stewart Copeland-related rehearsals took place at this venue:


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sources: Stewart Copeland's diaries; One Train Later; Music Week - June 10, 1978 provided the full name and address