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Louie Lepore
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Occupation(s): Guitarist
Associated acts: Cherry Vanilla, Get Wet
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Louie Lepore played guitar in the Cherry Vanilla band in early 1977, which also included Sting, Stewart Copeland and Zecca Esquibel. He would also perform on Zecca Esquibel's "Get Wet" album.


Louie Lepore on his transfer from New York to London:

" Cherry and myself, quickly became close and were in the same band. (This was all happening in New York City at the time). That band included:

  • Zecca on piano
  • Michael “Manny” Mancuso on drums
  • Jay Nap on bass

We started gigging, and at one of the gigs Miles Copeland and Mick Rock were there. Mick had been a friend of Cherry since Bowie, and invited Miles to the gig.

I remember well after the gig, Miles said to myself and Cherry, “Come to London and I’ll get you a drummer and a bass player and put you on tour”. I believe we must have told him that night that we couldn’t afford it, or more to the point that Jay fell off the stage for some reason, and maybe they thought that was a hip thing to do! Come to London and fall off the stage- you’ll be famous!

Around that same time, the band had recorded some demos of Cherry’s songs.


(On 1977-02-16), I arrived in London with Cherry and Zecca.


Macs who was Cherry’s manager at the time, had been in London prior to us arriving, about 2 weeks before, and that is probably why he met Stewart at that club. I wasn’t aware that Macs had met Stewart at that club, but I’m guessing he may have given Stewart a copy of the demo we had done in NY.


The night we arrived in London (...) Cherry, Zecca and myself were picked up at the airport by Macs and Leee Black Childers, in a Daimler limousine- which I thought was “wow, this is going to be an adventure”!"

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