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1977 03 03 theroxy.jpg
flyer for the Roxy concert
Cherry Vanilla button.jpg
a button with a photo from today's concert
1977 03 12 Record Mirror CV Roxy review.jpg 1977 04 Album Tracking CV Roxy review.jpg
reviews from Record Mirror - March 12, 1977 / Album Tracking - April 1977
1977 The Roxy live LP.jpg
The Roxy live LP - green line for Stewart and blue for Zecca added by the PoliceWiki
Performance summary
Artist performing: Cherry Vanilla
Tour: 1977 Cherry Vanilla Tour
Venue: The Roxy Club
Location: London, England, UK
Support acts: The Police, Chelsea
Ticket prices: UK pounds: 1,50

On 1977-03-03, The Police performed at The Roxy Club in London, England, UK.


Cherry Vanilla set 1

The Police:

Cherry Vanilla set 2

Recording information

There's an audio recording with some The Police songs and one of Cherry Vanilla 's sets. It was recorded by Bruno Blum on a stereo Sony Walkman TCS-300.

Grand Hotel is not on the cassette recording, but the opening riff can be heard right after Clown's Revenge.

1977 03 03 tape.jpg


The Police load their stuff into the truck at 12:00pm. Stewart asks both Louie Lepore and Zecca Esquibel to join his band - both say no! Soundcheck at the venue is around 05:30pm.

After the soundcheck Stewart returns home, but forgets his key. He manages to have dinner and take a rest anyway.

340 people attended this sold out concert.

Chelsea play first, then Cherry Vanilla and band, then The Police, then Cherry Vanilla again.

Early ads in various UK magazines show that this concert was originally scheduled to take place at another venue: "Charing Cross Global Village"

Cherry Vanilla was wearing her famous LICK ME-shirt.

An official live LP (with songs from various bands recorded at The Roxy Club in 1977) features Stewart Copeland and Zecca Esquibel on the cover (although there's no The Police music on the record) ! The photo was taken after today's gig at The Roxy Club. You can clearly see the TAMA bass drum Stewart used and two different people on stage - the left one is Stewart Copeland, the right one is Zecca Esquibel.

Here's what Louie Lepore remembers about Stewart's offer to join The Police:

"I remember we went to the club in the afternoon to set up and do a sound check. I believe it was before the sound check that Stewart said to me, “Let’s go to a “caff”. Sting and me want to talk with you about something”. I said okay and we sat at a table and before ordering anything, Stewart said to me (verbatim): “Okay, I’ve got the new band. Me, you and Sting. We want you to be the guitar player”. I was totally thrown for a loop! After a few rehearsals and one gig, they wanted to replace Henry with me.

I remember at that moment, all these thoughts running through my mind of “what am I going to do?” These guys were really good musicians and were fun to be around. They were like very good friends I had for a long time, even though I only knew them a few weeks.

My response that came to me after those few seconds of processing what I should do was, ”I don’t think I can do that. Cherry is my girlfriend and I would have to quit her band and my relationship with her, and I have to say no”.

Now, anyone reading this may say, “What an idiot for not accepting this offer!” But what you must remember, at that time, The Police were doing cover songs by The Animals, and a few songs Stewart had written. Sting didn’t have any of his songs in the set, but they were really good at the songs they were playing.

Sting didn’t say anything during that conversation. As I remember, he was quite silent. Stewart did all the talking, and after my response, we got up and left. The meeting probably lasted five minutes.

So my friends around the world who may read this, one never knows what would have happened if I said “Yes” instead. It’s at these moments that one must search and decide for an answer of the past, present and future all at once. That’s the way I felt."

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