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"Deathwish" is a song on The Police album Reggatta de Blanc.
Recorded by The Police
Released: 1979-10-02
Recorded: 1979
Length: 4:13
Album(s): Reggatta de Blanc
Label(s): A&M
Writer(s): Andy Summers, Sting, Stewart Copeland
Producer(s): Stewart Copeland, Sting, Andy Summers, Nigel Gray
Studio(s): Surrey Sound Studios
Released as single? NO

"Deathwish" is a song written by Andy Summers, Sting and Stewart Copeland and recorded by The Police in 1979.

About the song

One of the rare occasions that a song is credited to all members of The Police.

There's another edit which fades out just a bit later, so that the song runs 4:19 minutes.


Release History


Deathwish appears on the following album releases:

Cover art Album title Release date Release country
Police-album-reggattadeblanc.jpg Reggatta de Blanc 1979-10-02 United Kingdom
Police-album-messageinaboxthecompleterecordings.jpg Message In A Box: The Complete Recordings 1993-09-30 United Kingdom


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Cover art Video title Release date Release country
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Deathwish in the fading light
Headlight pointing through the night
Never thought I'd see the day
Playing with my life this way

Gotta keep my foot right down
If I had wings I'd leave the ground
Burning in the outside lane
People think that I'm insane

The day I take a bend too fast
Judgment that could be my last
I'll be wiped right off the slate
Don't wait up 'cause I'll be late

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