Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out

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For this documentary Stewart Copeland used Super-8 movies he filmed between 1979 and 1982.

"Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out"
DVD cover
Artist: The Police
Directed by: Stewart Copeland
Produced by: Stewart Copeland
Edited by: Stewart Copeland & Mike Cahill
Filming location(s): Planet Earth
Initial release date: YYYY-MM-DD
Running time: XX:XX

Video summary

This documentary features about 75 minutes of live and backstage footage of The Police filmed by Stewart Copeland or a crew member on one of Stewart's Super-8 cameras. Stewart used his Derangements of old The Police tracks as additional score for the movie.


Stewart Copeland bought a Super-8 camera in early 1979 and then filmed The Police travelling around the world.

A few of those early reels were included in documentaries like Outlandos to Synchronicities: A History of The Police Live! or Behind The Music.

For this movie Stewart Copeland used up to date technology to enhance picture and sound quality. He presented an early cut at the 2006 Sundance film festival. The DVD cut is only slightly different in places.

Stewart travelled around the world to promote the movie (and DVD sales) by presenting it in cinemas including Q&A sessions.

Release history

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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
Police-everyonestaresdvd.jpg YYYY-MM-DD USA DVD (Region 1 / NTSC) English bonus clips
2006 Everyone Stares European DVD.jpg 2006-10-27 Europe DVD (Region 2 / PAL) English bonus clips, Stewart Copeland / Andy Summers audio commentary
Police-everyonestaresjapandvd.jpg 2007-06-29 Japan DVD (Region 2 / NTSC) English bonus clips - bonus disc with Stewart in Tokyo
2019 Everyone Stares Bluray.jpg 2019-05-31 worldwide Bluray / DVD English bonus clips, Stewart Copeland / Andy Summers audio commentary

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US 2 page ad in Modern Drummer - November 2006:

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UK ads for the DVD release:

2006 10 The Word ad.jpg 2006 11 Uncut ad.jpg

Japanese ad for the DVD release:

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UK ad for the Bluray / DVD re-release:

2019 06 Uncut ad.jpg

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