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  • The Sun - February 8, 1980 - with stuff from New Orleans 1980-01-30: Andy has cut his face by colliding with a barman... Sting has a gash on his leg where collided with an amp... Stewart strained his back a couple of weeks ago when he moved houses - he uses painkillers before every gig
  • "Sound International"'s Ralph Denyer visited The Police at their respective homes during their break in January 1980. He first visited Stewart at 8pm on a Wednesday evening. He might have visited Sting next, then Andy. He also took photographs at the It's Alright For You video shoot (most probably on 1980-01-16). (Sound International - March 1980)
  • Ireland/KK:

1. Andy came up and stayed at my house and we would go in the studio and record his own demos to present as possible tracks to be included on Zenyatta. I remember one was Omega Man. He was also working on stuff to be included on the Fripp project. We also may have worked on Police in the East but I think that was just Sting and me. As far as mixing Police in the East is concerned Sting and I mixed it. There were, I remember, some people from the BBC(?) observing on the last night. If my memory serves the last day was a long one that finished around 6.00 or 7.00am. To the best of my recollection Sting and I demoed all of his songs that later appeared on Zenyatta. We recorded Demolition Man and a funny thing called Walking Down Queensway also. One evening we were out socialising with my late friend Garech de Brun and his wife the Purna (Princess Purna of Morvi) and ended up in the Dublin Arts Club. At some point Purna told Sting thst she was not familiar with his work so we all went back to the studio and Sting performed a 20 minute set for her that included a version of Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and The Yellow Rose Of Texas and The Man From Laramie. I recorded that performance. Needless to say we had all had a few drinks so it is a fun recording.

2. I do know that Sting was the first client in the new studio building. There were lots of further sessions. I remember Sting flying in at 7.00 or 8.00am from NY and going straight to bed but don't recall when that was. I guess we had work to do or je might have been just visiting. I know he was at my house when the first copies of Zenyatta arrived so we must have been working on something at that time.

3. Sting's sessions must have been in May (if your other info is correct). I know that the demos were recorded on a couple of different bookings because I remember Da Do Do Do had no chorus at first and while I was visiting Sting at his home in Roundstone he sang it for me complete. We later finished it at Keystone. Andy definitely recorded demos with me before they went to Holland. He came back in the Autumn to do more. Sting, I think was back at my house in September. I do know that we received a pre release copy of Zenyatta there. That must have been when we were over dubbing and mixing Police in The East. I am fairly certain that on that occasion Sting had flown in from the US and came directly to my house. I remember that before he went to bed he asked me to book a restaurant in Dun Laoghaire for that evening. He told me that Cliff Richard had brought him there after an awards show earlier that year. The restaurant was called Mirabeau. I remember also that when we were recording the first demos Sting had a 4 track Tascam recorder and a drum machine. He was writing and working on arrangements with it at my home and when he was ready we would go in the studio. You are right about the Tooting gigs. I was staying at Sting's house in London that week and went to the first show and the party at the hotel. Yes, almost everyone ended up in the pool. Jools Holland was playing piano at one end the pool and a Mariachi band was at the other end. The next night I babysat Joe.

Also, if you can pinpoint the date of the the awards thing in Dublin (January 1980?) then Sting and Cliff were at the Mirabeau that evening. As were he and I and my then partner on whatever day he came in from the US (early September?). Around that time too he did an interview with Aine O'Connor for some RTE television show. He was delighted that he got to talk about me and my studio (we later discovered that it was edited out). Aine has since passed away.

---> "Summerhouse" TV show broadcast on July 8, 1980 :

4. I know Colm Henry took a lot of photos of sting at my house and around Killiney for a Hot Press Magazine article. Dermot Stokes (brother of Hot Press owner/editor) did the interview. We also took a lot of pics of each other as did Andy but I don't know where they are. The Legalise Marijuana one was taken at the obelisk in Killiney on the same day as the ones at my house. if memory serves there was a wicker chair in the sun room. cover photo by Colm Henry on Killiney Hill, obelisk in background.

"There was in fact,quite a good friendship,and if its not too immodest to say,a little rivalry,between ourselves and the Police. Sting could be found right down at the front at many an early London gig of ours,picking up tips on how not to do it. We toured quite a bit with them at one time,around Europe and the US,and spent many a lively afternoon on a tourbus playing backgammon,talking music or simply giving ourselves ballache by watching porn. Of course they were the headliners as they had better hair and trousers than us and we'd drop them off at a nice hotel and then rumble on to a crappy cheap motel on the edge of town that was our intended hovel du jour. Stewart Copeland nabbed a Drums and Wires Tshirt from us and virtually lived in it for a couple of years,you'll see it in countless photos and film clips. Incidentally I had Stings phone number when he lived in Ireland,it was 3.The little village he made his home obviously never had many phone owners."°24'02.8%22N+9°55'06.8%22W/@53.4002572,-9.9197852,488m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d53.400767!4d-9.918545

  • Didi Zill at Sting s Ireland home: Sting is holding the 1980-10-04 Record Mirror issue (released around October 2)
  • Stewart on bike - photo by Paul Cox - reading Record Mirror issue Oct. 4 1980 --- shown in October 11 issue
  • NME 18.10.1980 - Andy commented on new December venue "this week" = maybe in London around 10-16.10.?
  • Stewart and Roger Taylor - ask SC !!

1980 - Stewart Copeland & Roger Taylor

NOT June 30 - July 14 -- Queen on tour in USA August 5 - August 30 -- Queen on tour in USA September 10 - September 30, 1980 -- Queen on tour in USA

SC looks like early September maybe

November 23 - December 18 -- Queen on tour in Europe / UK

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