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  • Sting flew from Montserrat (?) to Britain to see his girlfriend Trudie Styler (she had left Montserrat after a post-Christmas bust-up) who performed as Queen Mary Astor in the world premiere of the musical "Hollywood Babylon" at the Bridge Lane Theatre - source: various clippings (could also have been the flight back from Canada from around 1983-02-15)
  • Sting met Boy George in New York (not there anymore?) Singer Boy George from the Culture Club group leaving Heathrow airport for New York. 19th February 1983. (alamy photo) / concert there Feb 26 (Palladium)
  • Jeff about the early months

1. I believe we were at Francis Ford Coppola's house sometime in March for the start of Rumblefish. 2. We worked at Tres Virgos for several weeks then went to LA, possibly for that photo studio programming rehearsal. 3. After the LA rehearsals, I believe we had some time off for Easter, possibly when SC saw Henry in the UK and I went to NJ. 4. We then returned to San Raphael and Tres Virgos to finish the scoring.

  • on the set for the Wrapped video in Los Angeles Sting comments that he'll fly to the Caribbean for a week afterwards before returning to Britain (Rockbill - June 1983)
  • in Playgirl (Nov. 1983) there's also an interview from the Wrapped shoot - he mentions he's living at the Chateau Marmont, also flying to the Caribbean, then London, Dune, Police tour
  • Andy at Outlandos on May 13 - that day's mini-bulletin originally announced Andy and Sting flying back into London "this weekend" = May 14 / 15
  • in May Andy is interviewed at his Putney home for GUITAR HEROES July 1983 - "had a press conference this week" (could be May 18 he's referring to) and "talked to Eric Clapton last night" (he played in London on May 16, 17, 18 and 19)
  • in early June 1983 (2, 3 or 4) Stewart and pregnant Sonja attended a David Bowie concert at Wembley Arena in London, England, UK (Legalise It !! / Legalised ! no. 2)
  • at some point Stewart AND Andy promoted the new LP in Paris at the hotel Crillon (BEST - July 1983)
  • Andy on vacation in Italy (Lake Como and Sardinia) - also promoting Synchronicity in Milan June 27 and Rome June 28 (Giovanni info)
  • Dolette McD. on 2021 Rolling Stone website: "We were flown out to Los Angeles and I learned all their songs on the airplane. We were taken to the studio. I think they had just done Shea Stadium. We re-recorded the background vocals for that live show. That’s how I got the gig with the Police. I’ll never forget that the first person I met was Tessa Niles, my dear friend to this day. I adore her. She’s my sister. I knew I’d have a good time because Tessa was so cool. She was amazing. I said, “Oh, I’m going to like this gig.”

I’m singing and Sting turns to me and the first thing he said was, “Nice hair.” I had dreadlocks at the time. I was like, “OK, hi!”"

Oakland - Sept. 10 has FOUR backing vocalists, so Dolette and Michelle Cobb were there already, together with Tessa and Shady

  • beween Oct 21 and 28 Andy was interviewed by Harry Weinger for Cash Box - Nov. 12, 1983 issue (Andy refers to Friday book signing and starting in Miami next week)
  • NME - December 3, 1983: in Atlanta Nov. 2/3 Sting says he screentested for The Last Temptation Of Christ LAST WEEK and they offered him the part...
  • Andy saw a gig in Chicago - probably 1983 - The Crusaders with guitarist David T. Walker (interview in a 1984 magazine)
  • according to a photo in Modern Drummer Stewart attended the PASIC convention in Knoxville, TN - that might have been on November 4, 5 or 6 "Hey, this is from one of my Modern Drummer magazines. The PASIC show coincided with the Police show in Knoxville 1983. This would have been a Friday thru Sunday show. My guess is he went on November 4th. The picture you have on that date has him in the same jacket. They probably left Atlanta early and then flew to Knoxville. Also, I don't see him wandering around a trade show on a gig day(nov 5th).I could be wrong. Maybe Jeff went with him and can give an exact day he went. Feel free to use if you want to. Jeremy!"

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