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1983 10 01 sting barcelona airport.jpg
photo of Sting at El Prat airport - copyright Antoni Carbo
1983 10 01 billyfrancis sting kimturner barcelona airport.jpg
photo of Billy Francis, Sting & a bit of Kim Turner at El Prat airport - copyright Antoni Carbo
1983 10 01 poster Miquel.jpg
a poster for this concert - provided by Miquel
1983 10 01 flyer.jpg
a flyer for this concert
1983 10 01 flyer2.jpg
another flyer - back page: text in Catalan and Spanish
1983 10 01 ticket.jpg
an invitation ticket for this concert
1983 10 01 anotherticket.jpg
a ticket for this concert
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1983-1984 Synchronicity Tour
Venue: Estadi Municipal Narcis Sala
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Support acts: none
Ticket prices: 1.500 pesetas

On 1983-10-01, The Police performed at Estadi Municipal Narcis Sala at C.F. San Andres in Barcelona, Spain.


Recording information

There's a recording of this concert.


Around 1:25pm The Police flew from Madrid to Barcelona where they landed around 2:25pm and checked in at the Ritz Hotel.

A Flock of Seagulls were scheduled to play in Barcelona. But Paul Reynold experienced a case of food poisoning in Toulouse and the band had to cancel further concerts with The Police.

The band Terminal who should have replaced A Flock Of Seagulls as support act also couldn't play for technical reasons...

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1983 11 discoexpres.jpg

This Spanish poster magazine from 1983 used a lot of photos from this gig inside, on the poster and on the cover.

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sources: ticket, flyer, poster, Spanish ad, Outlandos newsletter September 1983, photos, Sonido Profesional - November (?) 1983, personal information, Kim Turner's itinerary

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