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  • 1984-05 One Two Testing - Andy mentions having been impressed by David T Walker with the Crusaders, having seem then in Chicago - maybe David was only with this band in 1981 / 1982...

  • Sting went to Montreal in May 1981 to record with Jean Roussel and go ski-ing - (Jean Roussel info / Police File no. 15 / Cashbox June 13, 1981 p. 32) - probably between May 23 and June 1
  • interviewed in Oakville on 1981-08-23 Andy mentions recording with Robert Fripp in England "next week" and that they had their "first play together this week in New York" (i.e. between 1981-08-16 and 1981-08-21)
  • in WLIR Freeflight (Spring 1982) Andy int. from MSG Jan 1982: "our first little attempt at playing together was in New York one day in Greenwich Village about 10 days before we actually went back to England. We had two weeks of recording ..."

--- Andy wasn't attending the Sting / Chelsea gig on 1981-09-18 (as Stewart was), maybe he was still recording with Robert Fripp

  • Sting at psychic event at London University (SPIN - July 1985) : “I was invited to witness a psychic metal-bending experiment in September 1981, supervised by a professor in the physics department at London University. I saw the young people being tested bend thick strips of metal and then bend them back again over the course of an hour or so. And the people conducting the research were scientists, not mystics. At the time, witnessing those experiments was more exciting for me than rock’n’roll.”

  • Newcastle Evening Chronicle from July 31, 1982 mentions he visited Newcastle "under the cover of darkness last October", taking his family to Gosforth Park for dinner

(according to online sources the show aired on Fridays)

  • Andy interview for Creem 4 / 82 on a Monday (we're about to do an English tour), two days afterwards moving from Putney to Victorian mansion

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