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Stewart and Andy perform at charity event in London
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Date: 1981-06-01
Location: London, England, UK - Apollo Theatre
Attendees: Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers

Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers play a part at the Fundamental Frolics charity event. They played in different sketches with the "Not The Nine O'Clock News" team without having to say a word. After the show Stewart and Andy went to a party at the nearby Venue club.

(An LP and a VHS video from this event were released later that year.)

The Police had booked Super Bear Studios near Nice, France from today until 1981-06-13. Sting and Stewart arrived a few days before Andy, but not together. So while Stewart and Andy were busy with charity Sting might already have used the studio today.

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sources: Stewart Copeland's diary, Outlandos newsletter June 1981, Police File No. 16, Damon Metrebian (Super Bear Studios information)

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