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The Police finish recording at Super Bear Studios
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Date: 1981-06-13
Location: Nice, France - Super Bear Studios
Attendees: The Police

The Police had booked Super Bear Studios from 1981-06-01 until today, according to producer Damon Metrebian's diary. He remembers that Sting and Stewart arrived first (although not together) and that Andy followed a few days later.

While Stewart and Andy were busy with their charity event in London on 1981-06-01 Sting might already have started recording overdubs for Around The World. Stewart may have arrived on 1981-06-02 or 1981-06-03. Andy's passport stamp in I'll Be Watching You shows that he arrived on 1981-06-05.

Before Andy's arrival producer Damon Metrebian jammed with Sting and Stewart on one song that would later be released on Ghost In The Machine.

While at Super Bear Studios Sting's English lyrics for Hungry For You were translated into French by Damon and Annik, the cook.

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source: Andy's passport stamp in I'll Be Watching You features the 1981-06-05 date, Outlandos newsletter June 1981 mentions that they're back in London on 1981-06-15, 1981-08 BEST, Damon Metrebian

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