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The Police record in a Japanese recording studio
Japanese fanzine with a photo from that day
Date: 1980-02-23
Location: Tokyo, Japan - Alfa Studios
Attendees: The Police

A day off in Tokyo. The Police arrive at Alfa Studios (at Tamachi near Tokyo station) around noon and record four instrumental tracks until midnight - these are the instrumental parts for four songs, the vocals will be recorded in Australia. Among those four songs they recorded, only 2 had a title then: " A Canary In A Coalmine" & " Driven To Tears".

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sources: Outlandos newsletter March 1980, The Police In Japan June 1980, The Police (fanzine) no. 4 (The book The Police In Japan mentions that Andy's sumo wrestling - as seen in Around The World - took place on 1980-02-22. In Andy's book I'll Be Watching You he mentions that the wrestling happened this morning. Both is possible..., but a comparison of clothes indicates that it was yesterday.)

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