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The Police - filming in Tokyo
at Shibuya Parco _ an ad for The Police In Japan in MUSIC LIFE - June 1980
at Aoyama Studio - an ad for The Police In Japan in MUSIC LIFE - June 1980
Date: 1980-02-22
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Attendees: The Police

After lunch The Police were photographed in front of a huge Reggatta de Blanc painting on a wall at Shibuya Parco.

The Police next shot a promotional video at Aoyama Studio, for the new single So Lonely. In that video, Sting did a "Harakiri" ceremony, which was his idea. An Alfa Record employee showed him how to do it. These video clips were not used in the official promotional videos - but photos from the Harakiri ceremony can be found in lots of magazines.

After Sting's "Harakiri", Andy Summers tried to be a "Sumo-Wrestler". He entered the team "Ohyama" at Koiwa (at the northeast of Tokyo).

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source: The Police In Japan June 1980, Andy's fight in Around The World, I'll Be Watching You, The Police (fanzine) no. 4 (The book The Police In Japan mentions that the wrestling took place today. In Andy's book I'll Be Watching You he mentions that the wrestling happened on 1980-02-23 in the morning. Both is possible..., but a comparison of clothes indicates that it was today.)

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