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sockii (Nicole Pellegrini)

sockii's crowning moment of fannish geekery--headbanging on VH1, 2007-02-12
Basic information
Country of origin: U.S.A./Italy
Fan of: Stub.gifThe Police

Ghost andy.gifAndy Summers
Ghost stewart.gifStewart Copeland

Fan since: 1985
Favorite Police-related album: Reggatta de Blanc
Favorite Police-related song: "Darkness"
Favorite Stewart Copeland album: Rumble Fish
Member of:
Scnetlogo.gif This user is a proud sc.nutter.
The Police Xmission Mailing List


Too Kool To Kalypso
Nicole Pellegrini artwork
John Glover Official Website
Sockii's Lensography

sockii's alter-ego, the Wiki-Wench of the West. Chained to this gong-damned thing but fortified with plenty of alcohol for the challenge ahead.
If sockii starts writing articles in lolcat, she blames the other members of the house.

Where am I, and why am I in this handbasket?

sockii started this whole mess. Don't ask her why.

About me

Born in Ancona, Italy in 1972, sockii (sometimes known as Nicole Pellegrini) grew up in New York State and has always considered herself a fan. She can vividly recall being obsessed with The Beatles when she was only five years old, listening to her mother's old lps records non-stop and imagining crazy adventures about John, Paul, George and Ringo (and herself as the 5th Beatle, of course) in her head. For most of her early years she followed various musical acts avidly including Duran Duran, The Police, and Pink Floyd. She became active in Pink Floyd and The Police on-line fandom while in college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology between 1990 and 1994. In 1994 she moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she still resides today, and become active in television and movie fandom on-line as well, organizing websites and mailing lists for various fandoms such as The A-Team and later Babylon 5, Star Wars and Xena.

Currently she is primarily active in music fandom once again, obsessing over The Police just like the good old days and pursuing concert photography as a new passion. She is an avid collector of printed material related to her fandoms and is sadly prone to starting new web projects as soon as someone suggests an idea that sounds like a good one.

She is very glad her other half, vespapod, puts up with all of this nuttery and sometimes even foolishly encourages it.

sockii is also the webmaster for actor John Glover's official website, and appreciates the fact that she can truly call herself Satan's Little Helper.

If you want to make sockii happy, please check out her professional writings at Associated Content, where she is a Featured Contributor for the Travel and Local (Philadelphia) categories. But usually has a lot to say about The Police, too.

Concerts & events attended

The All Your Cash Are Belong To Us tour

sockii paid her dues on

Other cool stuff

...and a whole mess of Andy Summers club shows, don't ask me to remember the dates...

Have we got contact?

If you need to contact sockii for any matter regarding the PoliceWiki, please either

  1. Leave a comment at User_talk:Sockii
  2. Email her at sockii @ policefans . org

sockii does not use chat. She does not like chat, unless chatting over cracktastic writing ideas. Do not try to find her on chat.

Om nom nom nom

Boozer.png This user drinks. Period.

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