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Screenshot of the front page of Policefans.org
Url: http://www.policefans.org
Maintainer(s): sockii
Country: United States
Fansite language: English
Funding: Private


policefans.org is a fansite for The Police founded and run by sockii. The site currently features a message board for members, and is the home of PoliceWiki. The motto of the site is "by the fans, for the fans", as it is an unofficial site run without any commercial intent or purpose and provided as an alternative to the official site for the band. Future plans may include expanding by adding a blog and other functionality to the site, with the primary aim of encouraging communication among fans.

Site history

The project originally began out of member frustration at ThePolice.com, where many members of the official site and fanclub were dissatisfied with what they had received for their $100 memberships in 2007 and were uncertain if they would renew their memberships, if an option was even offered to do so in 2008. When no information was provided by administrators at ThePolice.com for several months as to what would happen with renewals, the new forum at Policefans.org was launched so that members would have a venue to stay in contact if they did not renew at the official site.

The domain "policefans.org" was registered by sockii on January 11,2008.

The messageboard forum was publicly launched on January 18, 2008 after a week of beta-testing with several early invitees. By January 24,2008, the messageboard had 145 members.

In early February 2008, there was some controversy and discussion over the perceived biases of those running the site as well as the active members of the site, as well as how it compared to other Police-related fansites such as StingUS.[1] This was just one of several kerfluffles between members of StingUS, policefans.org and the Stewart Copeland Official Site. These kerfluffles have often come down to perceived biases among the fans frequenting each site respectively, and which fans feel best served by these sites, specifically Sting vs. Stewart fans.[2],[3],[4],[5]

PoliceWiki was publicly launched on April 1, 2008.

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