Three O'Clock Shit

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Three O'Clock Shit
the cover of the Strontium 90 CD
Recorded by Strontium 90
Released: 1997
Recorded: 1977-05-28 live at the Gong festival in Paris
Length: 5:17
Album(s): Strontium 90: Police Academy
Label(s): Pangaea / ARK 21
Writer(s): Sting
Producer(s): Mike Howlett
Studio(s): it's a live recording
Released as single: No

Three O'Clock Shit is a song written by Sting and recorded by Strontium 90 on 1977-05-28.

About the song

This song is a strange one. It features some lyrics from Oh My God which Sting later re-used in O My God. Some parts of the music will later re-appear in Be My Girl, Sally. The song was also played by The Police at the Mont de Marsan festival in 1977.


Release History


"Three O'Clock Shit" appears on the following album releases (please see links for further details on each title):

Cover art Album title Catalog no. Release country Format Release date
Strontium90 CD.jpg Strontium 90: Police Academy 7243 8 33303 2 4 The Netherlands CD 1997-MM-DD


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Quotations and trivia

from L'Historia Bandido: Stewart Copeland mentioned that this Sting song was called Love Is In My Heart earlier. But Stewart changed it to Three O'Clock Shit for the sake of the setlist. The Police didn't have any credibility anyway...

The track listing on the CD Strontium 90: Police Academy lists this as Three O'Clock Shot.

Alternate and cover versions

  • A studio version of this song recorded during the Outlandos d'Amour sessions was erased on Miles Copeland's request.

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sources: L'Historia Bandido, Strontium 90: Police Academy