The Police: L'Historia Bandido

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L'Historia Bandido
Authors: Phil Sutcliffe / Hugh Fielder
Country: UK
Language: English
Publisher: Proteus Books
Publication date: 1981
ISBN: 0-906071-66-6 (paperback)

0-906071-77-1 (hardcover)


This is a 96 page book about The Police with a lot of photos - one of the best reads written by people who were close to the band. Too bad that it doesn't go further than early 1981...

If you dared to open the paperback edition loose pages would be flying around immediately.

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There is a German edition from 1983 with a different cover: The Police (Sutcliffe/Fielder)

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  • Sutcliffe, Phil and Hugh Fielder. The Police: L'Historia Bandido. London: Proteus Books, 1981.