The Police: Undercover 1977-1978

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The Police: Undercover 1977-1978
Undercover 1977 1978 Dietmar.jpg
Author: Lawrence Impey
Country: England, UK
Language: English
Publisher: Eaglesfield Editions
Publication date: November 2022
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-9160604-2-5


This 100 page hardcover photo book by Lawrence Impey was financed with a kickstarter campaign in October 2021. It is limited to 200 copies.

Quotations and trivia

The book features a foreword by Andy Summers.

The four photo sessions that Lawrence Impey did with The Police are obiously the main part of the book, but there's also a nice afterword by Lawrence Impey (with additional photos) and samples for the use of his photos in magazines, programs, flyers and record covers.


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  • Impey, Lawrence. Undercover: The Police 1977-78. xxx: Eaglesfield Editions, 2022.