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1977 01 22 lawrenceimpeyphoto.jpg
photo copyright Lawrence Impey
1977 01 22 diary.jpg
photographer Lawrence Impey's diary entry

On 1977-01-23, The Police had their first ever photo session with photographer Lawrence Impey on the roof of Stewart Copeland's Mayfair flat (26 Green Street, Mayfair).


Lawrence Impey made a note of the photo appointment with Stewart in his diary for January 22. Stewart Copeland 's diary features the photo shoot on the page for January 23. His business booklets also mention that he gave Lawrence Impey money for the film on January 23.

The Reggatta de Tour program (Tour programs (The Police)) mentions the date January 23 for this, but the dates in this program are not 100% accurate... they were probably based on Stewart's notes.

Until new proof is discovered the photo shoot is displayed on today's page, just because there are two separate entries in Stewart's books, although this could be because one uses (wrong) information from the other...

Henry Padovani's toothache might have been the reason for a delay, as might have been Last Exit's concert on 1977-01-22.

Contact sheets from the rooftop photos have JAN77 date written on them.

Photos from this session can be seen in Lawrence Impey's book The Police: Undercover 1977-1978.

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sources: Lawrence Impey's diary, Stewart Copeland's diary & business booklet, The Police: A Visual Documentary By Miles

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