Rock Goes To College

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This TV show shows The Police's concert at Hatfield Polytechnic from 1979-02-21.

"Rock Goes To College"
an ad for the original BBC broadcast in Sounds - April 7, 1979
a flyer for the re-broadcast in November 1979 - provided by Wieger de Ruiter
Artist: The Police
Directed by: John Burrowes
Produced by: Michael Appleton
Sound: Graham Haines
Edited by: EDITOR
Filming location(s): Hatfield Polytechnic - Hatfield, England, UK
Broadcast date: 1979-04-06


Running time: 40 minutes

Video summary

On 1979-02-21 The Police performed at Hatfield Polytechnic, where they played Message In A Bottle in public for the first time.

The concert was filmed and originally broadcast by BBC2 on 1979-04-06 - and re-broadcast on 1979-11-08.


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