Live '79 At Hatfield Polytechnic

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This Japanese DVD features the Hatfield Polytechnic concert from 1979-02-21.

"Live '79 At Hatfield Polytechnic"
DVD cover
Artist: The Police
Directed by: DIRECTOR
Produced by: PRODUCER
Edited by: EDITOR
Filming location(s): Hatfield, England, UK - Hatfield Polytechnic
Initial release date: 2002-MM-DD
Running time: 41:00
Label: vap video

Video summary

This official Japanese DVD features the 1979-02-21 Hatfield Polytechnic gig. The quality is great, but for whatever reason the original order of the songs has been rearranged.


The concert was filmed and broadcast by the BBC in 1979 (BBC2: "Rock Goes To College" - April 6, 1979).

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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
Live79athatfieldpolytechnic dvd.jpg 2002-MM-DD Japan Examples: VHS (PAL), VHS (NTSC), DVD (Region #/PAL or NTSC)... English List of any special features

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