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Peter Baylis
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Basic information
Birth name: Peter Baylis
Birth date: April 6, 1952
Origin: London, England, UK
Occupation(s): Photographer
Associated acts: The Police, Klark Kent
Official website: OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Peter Baylis took a lot of the earliest photos of The Police in 1977. He photographed them at the Roxy on 1977-06-17 and then the following day at Covent Garden. His photos can be seen in L'Historia Bandido, The Police: A Visual Documentary by Miles and Secret Police Man.

He also photographed The Police on 1978-11-25 at the Electric Ballroom and on 1979-04-05 in New York City. And he was one of the few people to take photos of Klark Kent!


Peter Baylis started as a freelance photojournalist around 1972 and has worked around the world. In 2001 he was asked to join the Metropolitan Police in London and spent 13 years as part of a very unique family recording more than daily life.

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