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One of the features of the PoliceWiki is a calendar-formatted timeline of events in Police history. Any and all noted events or appearances by the band members can be included, such as:

  • Concert performances
  • Signing/other publicity events
  • Personal milestones (birthdays, weddings, receipts of award)
  • Recording/filming dates
  • Any event or sighting noted documented a book, magazine, or other reference source.


  • Template:Event is to be used for general events.
  • Template:Performance is to be used for single performances on one night
  • Template:Performance (double) is to be used for multiple performances on the same night, by the same artist or band. See the following section for more details on multiple events on the same date.

Naming format & disambiguation

All event articles should be named using the format:


If multiple events occurred on the same date, in most cases you will need to use a disambiguation page for the main date entry, and create separate articles for each event. For instance, on 2006-10-06 both Sting and Andy Summers held unrelated signing events. The following separate articles were therefore created:

Along with a disambiguation page at 2006-10-06.

Similarly, if multiple concerts by different artists/bands occurred on the same night, the pages should follow the same format. For instance:

When should I include multiple events in the same event article?

There are a few cases where it is not necessary to create a separate article for each event which occured on the same date. These would include:

  • A minor appearance or publicity event, by an artist, on the same date as a performance by that artist. For example, on 2008-06-17 Sting appeared at a book signing and later that night performed with The Police. Both events are noted and discussed on the same entry.
  • An album or other release which occurred on the same date as a performance or other event. For instance, 1978-11-02.

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