Dare To Drum

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This documentary shows how Stewart Copeland, D'Drum and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra developed Stewart's composition Gamelan D'Drum - from very early meetings in 2008 to a public performance on 2011-02-05.

"Dare To Drum"
Dare To Drum provisional BluRay cover
provisional poster for the 2015 Dallas premiere
Artist: Stewart Copeland, D'Drum
Directed by: John Bryant
Produced by: John Bryant
Edited by: John Bryant (him again)
Filming location(s): Palmyra Studios, Sacred Grove, Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
Initial release date: 2015-04-16
Running time: 85 minutes
Label: LABEL

Video summary

This documentary tells the detailed story of how Stewart Copeland's composition Gamelan D'Drum for Dallas based percussion group D'Drum was conceived, rehearsed, recorded and eventually performed under almost dramatic circumstances on 2011-02-05.

After D'Drum performed for the donors at the Dallas Symphony Gala on 2007-06-12 Fred Bronstein (president of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra) told them he wanted to have a commission created for D'Drum to perform a new composition with the orchestra. The money for this was raised from private donations right afterwards. Finding a composer was up to D'Drum. Schirmer Publishing in New York and D'Drum both thought of Stewart Copeland, although he was just touring with The Police.

Stewart began working with D'Drum right after the end of the reunion tour. The movie shows videos that were already shot during their first meetings in September 2008. They continued to film the rehearsals / recording in March 2009, recording in May 2010 and finally the rehearsals and the concert with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in February 2011. In between these sessions Stewart would constantly refine his pre-recorded synth score until the finalised version emerged.

A kickstarter project starting on 2013-09-02 raised $95.142 so that a documentary about the genesis of that project could be created.

Director John Bryant then shot additional location footage in Texas and interviews with the artists - including Stewart Copeland at his Sacred Grove studio on 2014-01-14. Additional material comes from private videos shot by D'Drum members.

The movie premiered at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, TX, USA on 2015-04-16 and was shown again on 2015-04-18 - both screenings featured a Q&A with Stewart Copeland and D'Drum members.

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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
2015 04 16 premiere poster.jpg 2015-04-16 USA cinema premiere English

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