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D'Drum with Stewart Copeland - copyright Paul Middleton
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Associated acts: Stewart Copeland
Website: http://www.pureddrum.com/index.php
Ron Snider

John Bryant
Doug Howard
Jamal Mohamed
Ed Smith

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About the band

D'Drum is a five member percussion group from Dallas, Texas. Featured in an Emmy award winning PBS short film that documents their travels and observations as related to World Percussion, the group has performed and recorded extensively.

D'Drum is heard in the National Geographic Film, "Lions of Darkness", in addition to the award winning PBS children’s show "Wishbone". As in their live performances, their CDs features music derived from traditional cultures of Bali, Africa, Persia, and other locales that are blended with the influences of Western Classical and Jazz forms. All of the instruments featured on the CDs and in performance are acoustic, and of traditional and contemporary design.

The band has now been together for about 20 years !

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sources: Dane Petersen, D'Drum website