The Worried Rabbit

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The Worried Rabbit
Stewart at The Worried Rabbit on 2009-05-03
Location: Nineveh, Assyria
Years in operation: 1983 - 2010


Stewart Copeland recorded various music at The Worried Rabbit in Nineveh, Assyria.

It might as well be on the LOST island - it's actually moving through time and space... being a name for the various home studios Stewart Copeland had since 1983.

In 2011 the same studio was referred to as the Sacred Grove (for jam sessions) and the Worried Grove (?).

Recording history

The following Police and related albums or songs were recorded at this studio:

Album (or song) title Artist or band Producer Release year
The Rhythmatist (soundtrack) Stewart Copeland Stewart Copeland / Jeff Seitz 1985
The Equalizer & Other Cliff Hangers Stewart Copeland Jeff Seitz 1988
Animal Logic Animal Logic Stewart Copeland & Stanley Clarke 1989
Rapa Nui Stewart Copeland PRODUCER(S) 1994
Silent Fall Stewart Copeland PRODUCER(S) 1994
The Leopard Son Stewart Copeland Stewart Copeland & Jeff Seitz 1996
Pecker Stewart Copeland PRODUCER(S) 1998
Boys And Girls Stewart Copeland PRODUCER(S) 2000
Don't Stand So Close To Me ( Rock School version) Stewart Copeland Stewart Copeland 2005
Music From Ben Hur Live Stewart Copeland Stewart Copeland 2009

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