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This is a 3 DVD set with live performances originally broadcast on French TV between 1978 and 1981.

DVD cover
Artist: The Police
Directed by: Claude Ventura
Produced by: Antenne 2 / Antoine de Caunes
Edited by: Claude Ventura, Antoine de Caunes
Filming location(s): Théâtre de l'Empire in Paris, France
Initial release date: 2010-10-05
Running time: 30 minutes
Label: Ina Editions

Video summary

The Police played at the Théâtre de l'Empire in Paris on 1979-12-03. This partial recording of that concert was first broadcast on December 23, 1979 on French TV.

The 3 DVD set also includes concerts by The Clash and ZZ Top, as well as shorter performances by Dire Straits, The Pretenders, Elvis Costello, The Cure, The Jam, Madness etc...


The Police played a very loud soundcheck. Miles Copeland was told that they had to lower the volume for the actual performance as the presenters of the Chorus TV show cared about the health of their audience and staff (concerning the noise level). He didn't care. When The Police's concert was even louder several cameramen protested by pointing their cameras towards the floor and stopped filming.

There were about 600-700 people at this concert.

After the concert The Police received a critic's award. The last scene in Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out (with handcuffs on the rooftop) was filmed in Paris on this day.

Release history

Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
Chorus DVD cover.jpg 2010-10-05 France DVD (Region 0 /PAL) French various live performances by other bands

Quotations and trivia

About 50 seconds from the original broadcast are missing from the DVD release. This only concerns the band and journalists on the rooftop - the missing The Police footage is only about 7 seconds long. You'll live...

This is what the french producer and presenter of Chorus, Antoine de Caunes, said about The Police show in the booklet of Chorus DVD : "The Police played at the Théatre de l'Empire. We had another problem in addition to the security troubles. This time, there was a strike notice coming from the sound assistants of the Buttes Chaumont [TV studios] when we were doing the soundcheck. They prevented us from filming and said : "if we film without sound assistant, that means that we can do it, so it will create a precedent". Moreover they sent us the occupational medicine, the guys came with little machines to measure the sound level because we couldn't exceed a certain amount of decibels. The Police played very loud so they said : "you turn down the volume or you don't film". We can turn down the hall level but on stage, if the guys play loud, they play loud. And so we came to see Sting : "very sorry Sir but would you mind turning down the volume a little bit ?". He told me to fuck off (laughs). Then The Police began to play loud and the cameramen pointed the cameras towards the floor and said : "we're gonna be deaf with all these bullshits so we piss off". With the director of the show, Don Kent, we put the cameras on the tripods to enable us to have at least one fixed framing but the guys came back pointing their cameras down. So we filmed with two fixed cameras they couldn't touch because they were well-centred."

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