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  • Sting was interviewed for Breakfast Time (between 7:30 and 8:30am) in January 1991 - the journalist mentions having seen Sting on TV the day before (talking about 3 years of writer's block) and that All This Time entered the charts at no. 26 "this week" - which was January 12...
  • Gavin Seminar in San Francisco for Stewart in February ?
  • June 1 - Sting stars in the first airing of Soviet TV rock show "Rock Steady" from Moscow, Russia (Q Rock Stars)
  • OK - 26.07.1991 - Sting spent a week incognito at the Royal Monceau hotel in Paris
  • August 14-18, 1991 -- Animal Logic at CEMA convention "Roadshow II" at Grand Kempinski Hotel in Dallas, TX, USA (Billboard - September 14, 1991 / The Gavin Report - September 6, 1991 confirmed that Animal Logic performed )
  • Around 1991 / 1992 Andy Summers was thinking about creating a new 4-piece rock band. Andy on guitar, Jerry Watts on bass - unknown on drums. They needed a singer and placed an anonymous ad into Billboard Magazine asking for submissions. It supposedly just said that they were a new band which was a 'major act' looking for a new singer.

From this ad, they located a singer named Vince Rocco and apparently did 4 demos: Give it up, One Thing, Fly Too Low and Medicine Slow No live shows, and not even a band name. Maybe the singer didn't work out. (Jay Matsueda info from Jerry Watts)

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