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1991 05 02 pass Christophe Laversanne.jpg
a pass for this concert - provided by Christophe Laversanne
Performance summary
Artist performing: Sting
Tour: 1991-1992 The Soul Cages Tour
Venue: Ostseehalle
Location: Kiel, Germany
Support acts: Kennedy Rose
Ticket prices: 40,00 - 45,00 DM

On 1991-05-02, Sting performed at the Ostseehalle in Kiel, Germany.


Purple Haze was played.

Recording information

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After his Berlin concert Sting went back to the Berlin Interconti Hotel where he arrived around 1:00am. Sting and his crew went to the bar, being ignored by German TV reporter Fritz Pleitgen. After visiting the Ku-Damm (on foot and without bodyguards) and drinking a few glasses of "Berliner Weiße" Sting went to bed.

After a few hours of sleep Sting travels to Kiel with a Turboprop plane and later checks in at the Maritim Hotel.

During the soundcheck at the Ostseehalle they play Mad About You and two Peter Gabriel songs: Games Without Frontiers and Don't Give Up

After the 90 minute soundcheck Sting goes to his dressing room to practice his yoga.

Around 7:30 pmSting receives a platinum record for selling 500.000 The Soul Cages albums in the production office of the Ostseehalle - presented to him by Polydor official Götz Kiso.

Sting finally plays to an audience of about 10.000 people.

After the show Sting takes a few drinks at the hotel bar.

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