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this will be confusing !!!

In Broken Music Sting tells us that he started at St. Cuthbert's Grammar School in September 1962. He later tells us how he finishes A levels exams at St. Cuthberts Grammar School. He mentions that this was at the time when the Americans were about to send three astronauts to the moon - which would place it in 1969. The day after the exams he goes hitching with Paul Elliott and Hughie McBride to Stranraer (Scotland), then taking a ferry to Northern Ireland - being in County Down three weeks later, then travel to Ireland (Broken Music pp.91ff)

L'Historia Bandido (and the Wensley Clarkson book which just copied stuff) also let us know that Sting finished school in 1969.

  • this indicates that Sting started school in 1962 and finished school / travels to Ireland in 1969

here's the 2nd version:

A few paragraphs later in Broken Music Sting remembers a hitching trip from the PREVIOUS year and mentions Bob Dylan's Isle of Wight gig as a reference - which was ALSO in 1969. Bob Dylan didn't perform there in 1968.

The Christopher Sandford book seems to have investigated that period more than others - apparently Sting went to St. Cuthbert's grammar school in September 1963 and he stayed there for seven years finishing in 1970.

  • this would mean that Sting finished school in 1970, going to Ireland afterwards

it gets worse:

In A Sting In The Tale Jim Berryman tells us that he started school with Sting in (August / September) 1963. Sting went to Ireland with Hughie in his FIRST year as a sixth-grader - they allegedly worked as extras on the set of "Ryan's Daughter" (which was shot in Ireland in 1969). He definitely says that they went to school for another year AFTER the moon landing. On page 77 he mentions that the Silver Jubilee of leaving school took place in September 1995 in San Lorenzo's restaurant in London.

  • all this would mean that Sting started school in 1963 and went to Ireland in 1969, to Polferro (Dylan reference) in 1969 and then finished school in 1970.

it seems more likely that Sting finished school in 1970, then took a year off for his first attempt at studying / working, and then started at college again in the autumn (September) 1971

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