1985-09-14 (Stewart Copeland)

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Stewart is recording in New York
Michael Finlayson, Stewart Copeland, Jeff Lord and Jeff Seitz at Unique Recording Studios in September 1985 - copyright by Michael Finlayson
Date: 1985-09-14
Location: New York, NY, USA - Unique Recording Studios
Attendees: Stewart Copeland, Jeff Seitz, Michael Finlayson

Stewart Copeland and Jeff Seitz work on the score for The Equalizer at Unique Recording Studios in New York, NY, USA.

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source: Michael Finlayson remembers that they started working at Unique Recording Studios roughly at the beginning of September. Stewart Copeland switched to The Hit Factory around the time of Sting's concerts at Radio City Music Hall. They worked around 14 hours a day with only a day off for Stewart - who then played Polo in Florida. And Stewart took the night off on 1985-09-13 for the MTV Video Music Awards.

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