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  • in January 1985 Sting watches a Larry Williams gig in New York to see Branford Marsalis perform (Musician - July 1985) - Larry Williams played his first of three gigs at NY's Seventh Avenue South on Thursday, January 10 (New York Times review from January 14).
  • Andy had another photo exhibition at The Photographer's Gallery in London in February 1985 - he seems to have been there on several days, then leaving for America to attend the Grammy Awards, where he accepted an award for himself and Robert Fripp for best album sleeve design (Outlandos newsletter March 1985)
  • Andy is in Los Angeles in March 1985 - working on a movie script for "The Chord" or "The Lost Chord". He also bought a loft in New York...

Sting was inspired and bought his own. (Outlandos newsletter March 1985)

  • elsewhere it's mentioned that he spent a month in a UK studio in the spring of 1985 to record demos for XYZ
  • Gettyimages pics by Dave Hogan list Sting outside / Duran Duran outside / Dire Straits live images for May 15, 1985 at Montreux Pop Festival (Dire Straits gigs list May 8 and 9 / Duran gig listed for May 10)

===> check sources for May 26 date (newsletters? / magazines ?)

  • Andy is in Bournemouth in mid-June to write songs for a solo album - allegedly recording in Japan he's supposed to leave for the East in July for recording until August (Outlandos newsletter June 1985)

  • Outlandos mini-bulletin July 1985 mentions that Sting re-mixed Love Is The Seventh Wave in Paris "last week" - i.e. around July 15-21 (according other news posted for that week)
  • Sting spends two weeks at the Red Sea before going to Japan (Aug.7) - Gert Bruch's book
  • On August 15, 1985 - a promo letter announces that SC composes music to The Equalizer - which premiered on September 25, 1985
  • Billboard - October 26, 1985: Stewart recently finished the soundtrack for the Equalizer TV series at Unique Recording Studios - with Jeff Seitz assisting, Michael Finlayson and Chris Lord-Alge engineering and Jeff Lord-Alge assisting them. Stewart used the Fairlight IIX with SMPTE/MIDI card.

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