1981-08-21 (The Police)

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The Police at Miles Copeland's wedding
a photo from today - copyright Connie D. Walden
Date: 1981-08-21
Location: New York, NY, USA - Central Park, Inn On The Green
Attendees: Miles Copeland, The Police, Ian Copeland, Jools Holland...

The Police did a soundcheck at the Liberty Bell Park in Philadelphia in the afternoon and travelled to New York City by bus (Enterprise 1).

Sting was best man at Miles Copeland's wedding around 7:30 pm. Among the guests were Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers, Ian Copeland and all their wifes, too. Jools Holland played the wedding march on a grand piano. After the ceremony drinks and photos were taken in the outside patio. In the dining room speeches were held. After The Drifters played a short set the members of The Police took their instruments and played some Elvis Presley songs together with members of the Go-Go's and Oingo Boingo.

Before returning to their hotels Sting and Stewart Copeland visited WNEW radio to make an announcement for next day's concert in Philadelphia.

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sources: Outlandos newsletter September 1981, Rock & Folk - November 1981, Police File No. 18, photos

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