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1980 12 14-16 ad.jpg
an ad for the concerts in Argentina in Clarín - December 13, 1980
1980 12 15 poster Aldo.jpg
a poster for this concert - provided by Aldo Dell'Arciprete
1980 12 16 program Aldo.jpg
a program for this concert - provided by Aldo Dell'Arciprete
1980 12 15 sticker Aldo.jpg
a sticker for this concert - provided by Aldo Dell'Arciprete
Performance summary
Artist performing: The Police
Tour: 1980-1981 Zenyatta Mondatta Tour
Venue: Radio City
Location: Mar del Plata, Argentina
Support acts: SUPPORT ACTS
Ticket prices: TICKET PRICES

On 1980-12-16, The Police performed at Radio City in Mar del Plata, Argentina.



Recording information

There is a partial recording of this concert.


This concert was originally planned to take place on 1980-12-15, but was re-scheduled.

The band arrived by plane on 11:00AM or 11:30Am on an Austral Lineas Aereas flight.

They asked for 20 towels, fruits and different beverages. After the sound check Sting asked for honey which they didn't have, but a promoter bought a jar for him. After the soundcheck - at 6:00PM they went to a restaurant called "Ambos Mundos" to have dinner. Sting had two steaks.

There were about 2.000 people in the audience (another source mentions just 450 people).

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sources: ads from Argentina, Police File No. 11, photos, internet, poster, program, sticker

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