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The Police at a Bruce Springsteen concert
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Date: 1980-11-27
Location: New York, NY, USA - Madison Square Garden
Attendees: The Police, Bruce Springsteen

The Police watch a Bruce Springsteen concert at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, USA at Thanksgiving. A tour schedule in Police File No. 7 lists a gig at Boston's Orpheum for this day. This concert was rescheduled to take place on 1980-11-28.

On the 1980-12-01 press conference The Police mention that they went to see The Plasmatics after the Springsteen concert.

The Plasmatics played at The Rock Lounge today and on 1980-11-28 and 1980-11-29.

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sources: Circus magazine, Police File No. 7, Mick Porter (Plasmatics details from the book "Plasmatics Your Heart in Your Mouth")

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