1980-10-16 Smash Hits

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Smash Hits
Article title: The World About Us
Artist or band featured: The Police
Year: 1980
Month: October
Country (or countries) of publication: England, UK
Language(s): English
Author/interviewer: David Hepworth
Length of feature: 3 pages + cover + t-shirt / poster ads

On October 29 1980, The Police were featured in Smash Hits.


The magazine features an interview with Stewart Copeland from 1980-09-17 promoting the release of Zenyatta Mondatta, touching topics such as success, jealousy and songwriting.

Quotes and noteworthy content

"You can only get so far with your writing at home. The magic happens when the other two get involved. We all arrive at the studios with our songs. This time Sting had ten, I had five and Andy had about the same. We eventually used eleven."

When you check out what demos are out there and what was eventually used --- there are definitely some unheard songs around, although some of Andy's and Stewart's songs may have been used on Ghost In The Machine or later (as was the case with Sting's Demolition Man and I Burn For You):


Stewart Copeland:

Andy Summers:

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