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The Police at Arènes de Fréjus / concert re-scheduled
Andy Summers today - copyright Agnes d’Andon
a general tour poster - provided by Miquel Martinez
Date: 1980-08-27
Location: Les Arènes de Fréjus, France
Attendees: The Police

The Police inspect the festival area for today's concert. Eventually it had to be re-scheduled to 1980-08-28 due to heavy rain.

Agnes d'Andon took a photo of Andy that was printed with today's date in 1980-09 GIG. She explains why Andy looks a bit "off": "I painted on top with my airbrush which was one of my techniques at the time. He doesn’t look happy, poor chap! I remember that I surprised him as he flipped towards me when I was following him trying to make contact. I didn’t ask for his permission and ran away as soon as I shot the picture…"

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source: Outlandos newsletters, Police Files, Agnes d'Andon

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